What does Behesht mean?

Behesht means Paradise in the persian language which is the Directors origins.


Are the Rings handmade?

Yes, the rings are completely handmade and one of one. Replicas can not be found by any means. 


What makes your products different?

The products offered by us can not be found elsewhere, we guarantee it. We offer exclusive, niche, luxury and handmade goods. We thrive on offering the best service and products to our lovely customers.


Are the Rings good quality?

The rings offered by us are of the highest quality, the silver used for the base is real 925 sterling silver. The Gemstones are all real, mined stones of exceptional and rare quality.


I'm afraid to pay online, is this safe?

Yes, It's 100% safe. When you enter your payment details, we actually do not have access to any of this information. All payments on our site are processed by a third party authorised payment processor. They use the latest generation encryption protocols and safety measures that are the best in the field. You can't be safer than that.

What shall I do if something goes wrong?

Our customer support team work 7 days a week to provide you with answers and solutions as quickly as possible. We have a selection of sympathetic and solution-oriented staff who will solve any problems. So you can rest assured that if any problems arise, we will resolve it as soon as possible. (BEHESHTRINGS@HOTMAIL.COM)